Pro-life isn’t anti abortion…

Then there’s that whole stillborn/aborted baby thing. Celeste says that it’s not necessary to grieve them.. The image she gave me was a clip of what we aircrew call a ‘touch and go’, where all aircrew have to have a certain numbers of take offs/landings per quarter, so we’d just take off and then land immediately at the same airport usually, just touching the wheels down, and then accelerate right back up to go around and do it again.

Those spirits are just practicing being in a human body. They’re just sentient enough to think about making the transition to being sentient, but aren’t quite ready to live a life yet. So they find those conceptions that are going to end before birth, and jump in.

Although there aren’t a set number of landings they need to make, it gets them adjusted to how it feels in the new type of body. If you didn’t lose them or abort if that was your first plan, you aren’t doing them any favors–it will be very hard on them. It often might appear that they have birth defects or learning disabilities.

They don’t know how to be human yet. So plan early in your adulthood if you want babies or if you’ll abort them. The spirits practicing being human will thank you. If they are just there to get used the feel of a human body, not aborting them will be like throwing them into the deep end, where they might very well drown. Don’t let some out dated method of getting more religious followers cause you both that unnecessary grief.