What about human sexuality?? (edited)

I was going to post this info over on Curezone (I have a thread there) and mentioned it as I was writing it. It’s a difficult subject for me, so I wanted to let the folks know why this was taking so long. When I came back to say I was still working on it the nest day, I was attacked within a minute or two of logging on. I of course shut down my browser, internet connection and turned my computer off.

Rebooted and cleaned it all, and went to go back on Curezone again. Again within a minute or so I had another attack. So I shut it all down again. Clearly there was something about the topic they didn’t want said.

I did manage to sneak on quickly a night later and get it posted. The OverArching Sentient (OAS) guided me as to the ‘when’. I think I caught the duty hacker on bathroom break, because the hack did start after 3 or 4 minutes, but I went on Curezone prepared; ready to cut and paste the msg and post and get off again, as quickly as possible. And I made it off just as I saw the hack starting. Now that it’s posted, the attempts have stopped.

So what don’t they want us to know? We’ll get to that. Anyway the OAS and I had some very long conversations about sex and he asked me many questions about it, especially about my satanic cult experience as a small child. Drawing me along (he can’t tell me anything unless I ask, no head exploding please), giving me hints and flashes of insight. Finally it clicked. He was trying to dig out the nature of the relationships used by the cult in it’s ‘festivities’, that Sadistic/masochistic kind of interaction based on the underlying practice of Domination/submission. Ok. This was getting too weird. Our ‘god’ wanting to talk about S&m.

At this point I was getting convinced that, I had finally must have snapped and was now delusional. I’ve never doubted before, but this stuff!? I kept testing everything else and it was all coming up still connected to reality, so I wondered if you can compartmentalize delusion? I’ve never heard of it but…

After digging more through the squishy and ‘disgusting’ details, a pattern started emerging to me. Men seemed to have this deep need to dominate, and women, to be submissive. I’m pretty independent and was for women being equal aka women’s lib, but never so anti-men, since I knew we’re all in this mess together—both of us victims. Nonetheless I hit the wall here. Heck no, no man’s going to tell me what to do!

But on we went, and the OAS started talking about the ‘elites’ destroying the ‘natural order of things’—forcing men to accept their ‘equality’ and to push women into thinking it was their ‘right’ to be equal. It totally ruined the natural order, and is the biggest underlying reason for the severe relationship problems we have today. And no, it isn’t forcing us women into lesbian relationships, as Henry Makow implies in his vagina monologues. It’s just that we, all of us, men and women fail to find a truly satisfying relationship.

I was processing like crazy. This conversation extended for days, and every spare minute, I’d dive back in twisting and turning the information this way and that. Get it sorted like a Rubik’s cube. Slowly all the colors got on the same sides and a picture emerged. It’s a biological imperative for BOTH sexes. The OAS built us this way to minimize friction between the sexes and facilitate ease in making decisions, mainly to smooth the child rearing process. To make our lives less work and far more enjoyable. And the ‘elites’ did their best to ruin it, of course.

What the OAS showed me was a picture of a heart, locked. When the key with the appropriate pressure was applied, it popped open, freeing the occupant. It required the right key, meaning not every man or woman had the right key for just any other man or woman. It was very selective, like at soul mate level. And it was locked to begin with to make sure the occupant connected to the right key holder.

A woman’s ideal dominant would unlocked her submission and the man’s ideal submissive would unlock his dominance. Like opening a safety deposit box needing 2 keys, he meant it to keep the hearts safe. When you hear that two people just clicked—that’s the click.

But with the ‘elites’ screwing this all up with the religious nonsense of marriage entrapment and women feeling shame about expressing their sexuality and manipulating them to feel an out of control ‘need’ to have kids, and men feeling the sexual ‘hotness’ of the women is the only thing of value, etc., most of those people have no idea as to why or what that click means. They end up sweeping the connection, with it’s manifestations in sex play and such (it was meant to be great fun!) under the rug and feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

Instead of working together then, to decide who’s the best decision maker or who’s in charge of what (a good submissive is perfectly capable of being dom in various things if it’s clearly her area of expertise as well as a good Dom being a good sub if it isn’t) or what roles each are needing to play in child rearing, etc., they now often rage at each other’s need to be in control and start ripping each other to shreds, instead of growing deeper and deeper connections with each successfully negotiated balance of power.

The basic underlying trade is that whole sex/money thing. Biologically, men do need sex to function optimally. Women crave a sense of safety/security based on childbearing/rearing needs. It isn’t the desire to love without reason or be loved, it’s to ensure the survival of the species. The original form was, happily I’ll meet your need for sex without resistance, in return you happily keep me and our children safe and well fed, and then it slowly slides into a mutual desire to love and protect each other as they grow old together, as the child-rearing finishes. It met the undeniable biological impulses both sexes have and grows and morphs into the desirable soul connection.

On the emotional maturity chart, the first stage is co/dependence-total need for others support, you can’t live without it; The second quadrant is Counter-dependence—you say black, I say white. I’m defining myself by not being you; the third is Independent—I say whatever I want and don’t need you for squat; the fourth and most mature is interdependance—I don’t need you for anything but I want to share what I have with you for our mutual benefit, with no strings attached.

You do have to legitimately go thru all steps to get to the most mature one. Step one, in dysfunctional form, she’s so helpless she can’t even pay the bills or get a job, basically a baby who can change their own diapers. Less men get stuck here, societal requirements for functionality interfere with that; Two, never getting past the teen level of dealing with things, melodrama/out of control rage, rampant manipulation, passive/aggressive tactics etc.; Three, insulting men who hold the door for you, men seeing women as just objects to be used not needed, except for self satisfaction. Women can definitely manifest this behavior as well, but it’s more about ‘loving’ a fantasy version of the man, never really loving the man himself, or involving yourself with women or men at shallow empty levels aka commitment phobic. 4, if tried with someone at a lower level emotionally, it fails and someone ends up feeling used or manipulated. Of course if the level 4 person chooses this relationship, one would question if in fact they have truly gained level 4.

The successful dom/sub relationship is most successful at level 4. You are two separate people voluntarily honoring and respecting each other in a soul satisfying way, and in so many ways are actually serving each other, although on the surface it looks one way. And life become smooth, effortless as you meet and deal with the world as a connected unit.

My information is not based on the ‘biblical’ version though nor about ‘love’ although it develops into that if successful. It’s pure and simple biology. The ‘elites’ corrupted the natural order imperatives in their efforts to enslave humanity, especially their human nemesis, women. The ‘elite’ version isn’t about any kind of love or respect or emotional maturity.

‘Marriage’ plays a very large part in that control agenda. Biblical-based ‘marriage’ is just raw slavery. It’s legalized slave trade. You buy a woman from her father, or worse yet, a father pays the man to take her. Nothing about clicking, just ‘I want her, I get her’.

It’s keeping women in their ‘place’; downtrodden, overwhelmed, open to being abused with no legal or physical protection, battered with baby after baby, and most importantly, kept out away from any spiritual business where they might see and reveal the ‘elites’ agenda. A woman’s place is to be seen, not heard.

Luckily we’ve bettered our lot here in America to a large degree but it’s rampant elsewhere in the world. I’ve read the bible many times, so I’m quite aware of their push to enslave women—especially that misogynistic ‘elite’ flunkie, Paul.

The OAS has also shown me how the ‘elites’ have been using that whole dynamic to enslave us politically—big powerful churches/governments/corporations controls single weaker individuals because everyone is biologically driven by the imperatives. If you can’t be Dom, you instinctively choose submissive. It takes a lot of self awareness to pull yourself out of that one. That’s pretty much those of us waking up; those who seem stuck in ‘sheeple’ mode are still in the grips of this imperative.

This is what they’re worried about. If we stop being unconsciously controlled by the D/s imperative and consciously retake our independence, it interferes immensely with rolling out their agenda—maybe even making it impossible.