I’m an Oracle, might as well claim it…

I’m just going to start referencing what I see as an Oracle here on curezone—that all these stupid text book invented ‘diseases or toxicities’ posts are just written up by a cartel employee who isn’t at all sick, but are just pulling ‘symptoms’ out of textbooks or travel magazines or medical journals. They’re lying thru their teeth, to present another  employee  with the chance to give ‘good’ pharmaceutical product/procedure ‘advice’  aka hawking pharmaceutical products, like that stupid unnecessary ‘dental’ cleanup. I’m seeing that the personal care items (sanitary napkins, cotton balls, dental floss, toothpicks, cotton swabs) are far worse of a source of thallium or mercury than the minute amount in fillings.

I can see them looking thru manuals for what to say back to my responses too. The cartel does have a playbook all new employees are required to read and reference. It’s not a coincidence the attacks all start out the same, and ‘expert’ disinformation agents like loquat are called in. Their manual doesn’t have how to handle an Oracle.

But unfortunately (or fortunately for them), you can’t post spiritual stuff—It isn’t on line. Maybe someday, once humanity realizes the spirit realm is real after finally being able to actually do research on it now that the hybrids are gone. We humans are very creative—if there’s a way, we’ll find it.

If of course, some disgusting corrupt-to-the-core humans don’t just jump into the breech and start running the hybrids old agenda because their greed and depth of lies and hordes of ill-gotten money depends on it. That keeps them hooked and enslaved even though the slave masters are gone.

That’s part of why the OAS is so frustrated–we can take off our chains now but instead we seem to be wallowing around in our mental captivity like a bunch of pigs in a mud wallow. *shakes head*

Like I said, he’s trying to find a way to project himself and his message into the sky, like the hologram project blue beam was going to do, but if idiots keep persisting in their vicious cruelty and we, what good people that are left, do nothing to stop them, message or not, he is going to start blasting cities, like he did that crane in the big mosque in Mecca. Of all the religions the hybrids made up, he hates Islam the most as it is so anti-human and a walking slave trade. But not just one bolt–imagine the damage from a thousand such strikes, or more.

And he’s just going to start with Los Angles and NYC. The corruption is pretty deep in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Calcutta as well plus a number of others. I’m guessing even if he can’t find a way communicate to us before then, he’ll start working his way down the list.

If killing millions of corrupt humans is required to get us back on track so we can make full enlightenment and get those cities dug for protection to survive that unstoppable utterly destructive energy strip, he’ll do it. We have plenty of humans even if he blasts every major city on the planet. We only need a couple million for us to survive as a species which is his goal. He’d rather all of us did survived, but if it takes killing most of us to keep a core survival group alive, he most surely will.


The new criminal justice system as planned…

Let me explain what I’m learning is going to be the new criminal justice system under the new government. The old version was so corrupted there wasn’t really any way to save it. As I’ve said, our meta skills are turning back on, now that I believe we can communicate with them (anti-humans are being prevented from getting theirs up and running though, so no bad ‘heros’ types) which is why the hybrids started all those metahuman-type shows, to scare us out of using them. Or even wanting to use them, with all the ‘cautionary tales’ they’ve added about good people turning bad when they start accessing them. A bunch of BS, of course–all to drive fear. But that’s not going to happen.

But anyway, one of those skills is telepathy. It’s quite real, and the el-*th are already able to do it. It’s just a passing glance sort of thing usually, so it’s not like the NSA on steroids or anything (and all of us humans are so unaware and untrained at proper use/control of our thoughts, we’re basically yelling in the spirit realm all the time any way), but they, like we will be able, can go deeper if there is need for it.

Right now, we don’t have folks who can really use that skill yet, so the new government has asked them to fill in for them until we can. So the system is going to be very like the one the El-*th use.

First a victim comes in, requests protection or justice from some sort of anti-human human (or otherwise) doing criminal behavior. The victim is asked to share their memories of the crime via telepathy with an ‘investigator’. If he/she sees a actual crime, they will bring in two others to do independent and uninformed readings, which they will write up in detail.

If all three see the same crime, committed by the same perpetrator, the perpetrator is brought in and given the same ‘interrogation’, but regardless of their consent. And again, if all three see/report the same crime, independent of each other, the criminal will be found guilty and sentenced. Usual outcome. And of course if the ‘victim’ reported a false crime, it would cause them to be sentenced instead.

If all three don’t see the same thing, either time, witnesses will be sought and asked to share their memories of the event, and for those areas that may not be public enough, like dark alleys and such, the human government folks are are wanting to keep surveillance cameras in those areas, so there will be some other kind of record for backup.

If for whatever reason, even adding the witnesses doesn’t help, it goes to the top judiciary person for evaluation and decision. If it feels beyond his scope, then it’s on to the president/top government official (since we may not always have a president).

If there is still doubt, we can take it to the El-*th courts, if we want, all the way up to their king, if we feel it necessary. Just like the old days before Atlantis, except we humans usually didn’t do the telepathy part then, cuz we couldn’t, although we did often ask the El-*th to help, just like this.

Things got finished, usually very quickly and with little fuss. It is sooo much better than a system hybrid-twisted basis to favor criminals with higher priced lawyers who make it easier for them to avoid the immediate consequences of their criminal behavior and go out and keep doing it. The folks arrested right now, before the new government is in place, are just being held, though, not prosecuted yet, based on their observable treasonous behavior, no telepathy involved.



What’s really coming…

Apparently, it’s difficult to find bad guys out in the rest of the universe. It’s not only has a huge karmic load, but most species are way evolved beyond such pettiness. The overarching sentience sure didn’t want to do it, nor the El-*th or the grays—in fact I think it was the overarching sentience’s idea to bring the hybrids and their folk here. For this express purpose. We have a very real need to be right there, ready.

If we’d been allowed to just sit back all comfortable, we’d have ended up on the couch with our feet up on the coffee table, drinking a beer and watching Simpson reruns—never being ready to look for or use spiritual-based answers. And we as a species absolutely can’t afford it. The actual time frame for making full enlightenment is very short, only a 100 years, and we’re three years into it.

So obviously I need to talk about the impending event that will totally destroy every thing on this planet—well on the surface of this planet anyway. It’s a pretty well known fact that the energy here on earth has started rising. With all the usual misinformation, lies, and hyperbole.

People can feel that impending disaster kinda like in their bones, I think. I know I did. And that’s why the hybrids are trying to keep us all on the edge of our seats about something awful about to happen. So we’ll get all burnt out and hit the ‘boy who cried wolf ‘stage and not be concerned when this information becomes known. The only way we’ll survive it is being able to make full enlightenment, which of course they desperately don’t want us doing—300,000 year karmic stretched rubber band, remember?

The truth is that we are moving into a energy strip that is pure energy. No, it’s not our friend, although out here on the edges, it’s necessary and helpful. All sorts of places I’m reading ‘ohhh, it’ll be such a great thing’, ‘we’ll be shifted into a higher dimension’, yada, yada, yada.

Uh, NO, unless you consider being broken down, dissolved really, to nothing but particles of energy that is so dispersed your spirit is gone, (space dust really), as an improvement. It dissolves everything—physical or spiritual. Any kind of energy. Mother earth loves it though–it’s like a deep cleanse facial at the day spa. Gets rid of all that garbage coating parts of her body.

It’s helpful now because that dissolving quality is making the boundaries thinner between the physical and spiritual, which will enable us to actually make the shift, and be able to stay shifted long enough to get that ‘water balloon’ developed.

If you can’t, that will be the real end of your life. Humanity will no longer exist. So when the planet moves out the other side, 600 or so years from now, the atmosphere, the dirt, following along because of earth’s gravity will re-coalesce, but we spirits aren’t going to be held by gravity, so our totally dispersed spirits will stay in the strip forever.

Hardly heaven, or wonderful, unless you want to toss all your spirit progress (hundreds or thousands of lives worth) and start over again (maybe). It’s scoops of this stuff the overarching sentience of the universe uses to make stars and planets and stuff with, but there’s several left over strands of this, and who knows when he might use this one again? You may never have another chance at life.

But there is a way to survive it—the overarching sentiences actually came from a place that was like this, Somehow they managed to adhere themselves together in the all-ness well enough and long enough to develop a survival mechanism. It’s like becoming a water balloon in the ocean. Some sort of energy shield that can withstand being dissolved somehow.

The El-*th figured it out and made it thru this the last full cycle—220 million years ago, I’ve read—sounds about right. In that state, we can basically block the door to those underground cities you’ve been hearing about lately. Those were the El-*ths hidy-holes.

We’re going to need a lot more of those for humanity though—we’re sooo huge. The El-*th can’t rescue us unfortunately—They can and will save some of us, if enough of us don’t make enlightenment to save ourselves, but not nearly enough to save the species. We’re our real only hope.

I’m learning roughly 100,000 more or less are necessary. One to block the door, and a bunch more to provide survival stuff like air, water, food, and life’s basic necessities. In the full enlightened state, we’ll be able to transmute those things, and we won’t run out of rock, which is all we’ll need for transmuting. So, things are far from hopeless. We just gotta get on the stick.