Can you believe it, yes, another spell!

Well, got up this morning and things were fine, but my knees still seemed weak.So I tapped to strengthen them to focus my body’s attention on them, and that was as I was climbing into the shower, but the time I reached the back wall, they were so weak, I hardly could stand. I’m like—what in the world??

Apparently, buried under all those other spells that was set to come active was a spell that was designed to flip my tapping and make it do the opposite so I was tapping my knees weaker instead—and EFT works very well, and my knees are proof; I got to the point of almost calling sweetie to help. It was a tricky one to get rid of, too. It’s like it was covered with this oil like stuff, that protected the spell underneath from being affected by the frequency and even the OAS couldn’t get hold of it.

Finally I figured out to do the oil’s frequency, hold it solid, and the OAS was able to pull it back exposing the spell, which I then neutralized with it’s frequency. That one still has me shaking from weakness.

I have to get things tapped back, obviously, but that spell has me leery, even though muscle testing says all clear. I do so hope this is the last of it. As strong as the spell was this a.m., I think that may indicate there’s no other spell impeding it. *keeping fingers crossed*

I’m so glad those witches are dead. Otherwise they’d just be putting the spells right back on! And I keep checking—making sure none of them got missed. Thus far, I’m getting a strong no to any of them still being alive.