The real beginning…

A bit of background first. Please read the players category first, This will make a lot more sense. I’ll try to keep what I discuss as relevant to what is important as possible, but since NONE of this is known anymore, I may have to go into more detail than you’d expect. Sorry!

So step one in all this spiritual healing is realizing that nearly every single bit of the ‘history’ we know is mostly manipulated lies meant to support and reinforce the hybrid’s agenda. Remember, these hybrids have been at this for over 300,000 years. They’ve had plenty of time, means and access to history to do so, even as it was being written. In fact, they often wrote their version of it, waited until the folks who were alive for it died and then switch out with their versions for the ones written by the folks actually there.

Anyway, so here’s the first bit of real history that’s important to us, which lays the foundation for all the rest. When the aliens who ended up created us by ‘fixing’ up this semi-sentient species they found down Africa way, it was supposed to be temporary—not much more than a couple thousand years.

They were trying to keep themselves from going extinct—a rather important goal, which guided some of their more questionable reasons for how they ‘fixed’ us up the way they did. Their almost as desperate need to save face with the rest of the galactic community was the rest. So, what was happening was their little worker folk were at first not reincarnating–they’d die but never go into the body waiting for them.

Then, those folks started actually lying down and deliberately dying. Things (and time schedules) were getting desperate. Nothing the leaders tried stopped this from happening, and they tried a lot of stuff like even resorting to violence to force them to get back up and go back to work. Knowing how much these aliens abhor violence tells me how desperate they were.

They of course, asked them why, but the little folk weren’t able to really say–all they knew was they just didn’t want to be alive in a body anymore. Because the species was and is still incredibly xenophobic, the little folk had no frame of reference to compare it to, and consequently had no idea of what might be ‘better’, so that really wasn’t surprising..

And so they died and wouldn’t reincarnate—enter the semi-sentient species from Africa. First off, they decided to stabilize the platform for use—made us able to walk upright and thereby leaving the hands free to do work (which was a total priority for the leadership). But because it wasn’t meant to last long, they didn’t really work out all the bugs of that, hence our easily damaged back structure.

Then they started boosting the brain’s capacity to think, but because it was being done so quickly (on evolutionary terms) the brain ended up extra big cuz it didn’t have time to weed out all the no longer necessary type systems. It made the birth very difficult but since they just were going to clone what bodies they needed, they didn’t worry about it. They just figured that line of body type would go extinct when they left. But of course, it didn’t obviously.

Next, they amped the body’s ability to obtain a soul/spirit. In normal aka not tampered with bodies, it was more like being a car on a car lot–buyers pursue the selection and pick the one they want. With this tampering, it’s more like the bodies don’t just wait around. They basically abducted any nearby available spirit, alien included. All the other alien species have a safeguard against that, but because they wanted to use these human bodies to store their own unwilling-to-reincarnate spirits which they intended to put back to work, they disabled that in us.

So now the body was ready to store their stubborn spirits in. With the body’s amped new ability, they basically could ‘vacuum’ those reluctant spirits back into bodies whether they wanted to come or not.

This is the species who ended their slavery by killing off the hybrid’s father race, (which the hybrids didn’t know for the longest time) and although they detested the way they were treated, they unfortunately picked up some bad habits on how to treat their work force obviously. Then, to prevent their folk from just lying down and dying again, they upped the human body’s will to survive, too.

Since the only way to leave the ‘car’, was to die, this adaptation caused the occupant to be far less able to escape back into the spirit realm. Kinda like having a regular seat belt compared to one of those 5 point racing harnesses, but without any release.

There is a ‘shelf life’ on spirits–somewhere along the lines of 15-20 years out of a body, and the spirit will deteriorate to the point it has to return to a semi-sentient form and basically start over again, so the leadership was feeling some real pressure to get these ‘holding’ bodies up and running. I think they’d already permanently lost a good amount of their folk, which was quite worrisome because they had far less folks to lose.

Actually, after thinking about this more, I’m coming to realize the hybrids did the crystal breaking on purpose. That’s why there’s no information on what they were using the energy for. My source sometimes leaves me to draw my own conclusions from the evidence. While I’m pretty sure they never expected it to be so devastating, they were just so quick to jump in to help (and not nearly as devastated as the rest)—kinda like on the crime shows, where the murderer would get himself involved in the investigation. They truly are scum of the lowest order.