I’m an Oracle, might as well claim it…

I’m just going to start referencing what I see as an Oracle here on curezone—that all these stupid text book invented ‘diseases or toxicities’ posts are just written up by a cartel employee who isn’t at all sick, but are just pulling ‘symptoms’ out of textbooks or travel magazines or medical journals. They’re lying thru their teeth, to present another  employee  with the chance to give ‘good’ pharmaceutical product/procedure ‘advice’  aka hawking pharmaceutical products, like that stupid unnecessary ‘dental’ cleanup. I’m seeing that the personal care items (sanitary napkins, cotton balls, dental floss, toothpicks, cotton swabs) are far worse of a source of thallium or mercury than the minute amount in fillings.

I can see them looking thru manuals for what to say back to my responses too. The cartel does have a playbook all new employees are required to read and reference. It’s not a coincidence the attacks all start out the same, and ‘expert’ disinformation agents like loquat are called in. Their manual doesn’t have how to handle an Oracle.

But unfortunately (or fortunately for them), you can’t post spiritual stuff—It isn’t on line. Maybe someday, once humanity realizes the spirit realm is real after finally being able to actually do research on it now that the hybrids are gone. We humans are very creative—if there’s a way, we’ll find it.

If of course, some disgusting corrupt-to-the-core humans don’t just jump into the breech and start running the hybrids old agenda because their greed and depth of lies and hordes of ill-gotten money depends on it. That keeps them hooked and enslaved even though the slave masters are gone.

That’s part of why the OAS is so frustrated–we can take off our chains now but instead we seem to be wallowing around in our mental captivity like a bunch of pigs in a mud wallow. *shakes head*

Like I said, he’s trying to find a way to project himself and his message into the sky, like the hologram project blue beam was going to do, but if idiots keep persisting in their vicious cruelty and we, what good people that are left, do nothing to stop them, message or not, he is going to start blasting cities, like he did that crane in the big mosque in Mecca. Of all the religions the hybrids made up, he hates Islam the most as it is so anti-human and a walking slave trade. But not just one bolt–imagine the damage from a thousand such strikes, or more.

And he’s just going to start with Los Angles and NYC. The corruption is pretty deep in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Calcutta as well plus a number of others. I’m guessing even if he can’t find a way communicate to us before then, he’ll start working his way down the list.

If killing millions of corrupt humans is required to get us back on track so we can make full enlightenment and get those cities dug for protection to survive that unstoppable utterly destructive energy strip, he’ll do it. We have plenty of humans even if he blasts every major city on the planet. We only need a couple million for us to survive as a species which is his goal. He’d rather all of us did survived, but if it takes killing most of us to keep a core survival group alive, he most surely will.


Some refresher info for a sarcastic ‘poster’ on CureZone…

The cartel disinformation agent’s post:

I can only defer to the person who speaks to disincarnate 200,000 year old beings as the expert on mental health…

My answer:
Oh, heck no. 200,000 years, are you kidding me?? The OAS is from before the big bang. He and his fellow OAS are the ones who pushed thru from their energy place to here, creating this universe. Heck the El-*th are at least 225 million years old–they successfully made it thru the coming energy strip, the Transition, last time the planet did.

And as I’ve said numerous times my information is actually from the memories stored in the collective unconscious, where our memories of the day download every night when we fall asleep. Sometimes the OAS or El-*th tell me things but usually it’s from the memories of humanity.

Anyway, all the memories of everything, every discovery, every invention, every event is available to an Oracle. The Akashic records are the reader’s digest version, easier to find stuff in, but more limited in details. Any human can go into that. Just ask to be guided to the ‘zone’ via meditating or relaxing or anything where you can ‘zone’ out. If you’re actually in the zone, there should be a door or curtain or whatever would represent that access to you. Use your 3rd eye to look around.

But anything like that just hanging out in the spirit realm you don’t ask to be guided to is that false one the ‘elites’ put stuff in–all that idiotic ‘humans were built to mine gold’ crap, or the fear mongering information on the various aliens, like the greys, or that Annukki group. The real aliens (immortal, basically) behind the NWO crap just planted that Annukki stuff as a way to glorify themselves. So actually extremely little of the metaphysical crap you read is real. Most humans find the fake place and stop there, thinking they’ve found the real one.

But if you see both, the difference is un-mistakable–the fake one is just a bunch of cobbled together stories–like a bowl of curdled milk. The real one is huge, flowing, growing, vibrant and alive, like a giant tree made of what look like optic fibers, which are the flowing life paths of humanity. It’s beautiful and lit with varying colors from within. There’s no mistaking that.

So I know Dr. Clark was murdered with Cadmium because I see the memories of all who participated, down to the kitchen aide the ‘elites’ got into her staff. I see her putting something she’s scrapped off a battery into Dr. Clark’s oatmeal, usually. I see Dr. Clark’s realizing she’s been poisoned but far too late to stop it.

I also see the ‘elites’ planning the dental cleanup scam (along with all the other many scams), how they were going to set it up long before they even had Amalgam fillings–these criminals have VERY long cons, as immortals can. I see them getting the whole filling thing going, then a planted group of doctors/naturopaths ‘discovering’ how horribly toxic they were after billions of those fillings had been placed, telling everyone how dangerous and damaging (with attendant planted articles/faked research/fear mongering and co-opted natural healers like Dr. Clark) to back them up telling everyone they have to get them replaced urgently *cha-chingggggg*, with planted dentists and of course obedient little dentist drones saying ‘oh no–there’s nothing wrong’—to fuel the whole ‘dental’ Conspiracy thing. Oh, it’s ALL planned. Too bad the spirit realm isn’t on line. I’d be happy to post the memories. 😦

But that’s why I’m so sure. I see it with my own 3rd eye. And probably because I have my degrees and am pretty much an expert on mental health and have a very well grounded sense of self, I can handle the dichotomy. A LOT of oracle candidates couldn’t and checked themselves into mental institutions, just as the ‘elites’ wanted. I have no problem distinguishing between spirit realm stuff, collective unconscious stuff and physical plane stuff. And all of it is quite real, just at different levels.

The OAS is getting quite frustrated…

The OAS is getting very frustrated with the blindness of humanity as to how bamboozled they are. He understands that they’ve just come out from under the hybrid’s heel. What he can’t understand is why so many humans are gleefully embracing the foul, vile make-believe hybrid lies, like greed is better than sharing, the more money (another hybrid invention) the better, even at cost to those around you, and even the good humans clinging to the idiotic religions the hybrids made to enslave them. And the list goes on.

After I did some tapping for humanity last time, it created several future lines where Los Angles and NY city could survive and we’d still make enlightenment. Apparently those future lines are gone now. So he’s back to believing those cities, like Sodom and Gomorrah, need to be destroyed because he can’t see a future line where we and they both survive.

Plus he thinks that once and for all, people will see that there is a real god-like being who’s not one of their invented ones. And realize maybe they’d better reevaluate their beliefs. I’m not sure it’ll do that. Knowing humanity, they’ll just blame aliens or something. He wants to find some way to use that project bluebeam to project his image into the sky (like the hybrids were planning to make people go to the NWO stuff) to inform people of what’s real, and what he intends to do, if people persist in such foul, anti-human behavior.

I know I’m not going to tap for saving those cities again–I don’t, at this point, feel anything but disgust for most of humanity They wear their chains so proudly, so happily ignorant and blind. True, they’ve been heavily brainwashed but still…

I find I agree with the OAS—we’d be better off without ‘Sodom’ and ‘Gomorrah’, truthfully. They set the most horrible example for humanity and so much of the hybrid’s false ‘reality’ is fleshed out by those losers. And the brainwashing would be stopped–those are the epicenters of the lie makers. My advice–might want to move to less vile corrupt cities.

Submission to the OAS…

Submission; what does that really mean? I’ve been learning that what it means to the OAS, is the giving over of free will. So often plans fail, because folks don’t make the right decision–free will. But submitting to OAS means you’ll make the decision he asks and needs. It is the fake religion’s real version of turning your will over to ‘god’.

I’m not sure how he’ll make his will known, but I’m guessing submitting to him allows for a fuller connection that he can use to clarify–pretty much the same as the fake religions used, but there you weren’t actually connecting with the OAS, hence no communication.

And it’s submission for every one–man or woman. In fact, he’s so powerful, because he has such a huge species, that all the other overarching sentience are submissive to him as well, except for the OAS of the universe. He really wants us humans making full enlightenment, and hence the rest of the OAS are working with him to make that happen.

It’s just changing the focus of your devotion–to the OAS versus any of the fake religion ‘gods’ but sorry, no ‘holy book’ to read, just me at this point.

The Overarching Sentience’s (OAS) voice

I’m maybe going to be posting over on educate-yourself.org a bit. It’s still up in the air. I’m quite a different kind of poster though. It feels like Dear Abby writing articles for Science News. We’ll see.

Oh, and the bans got lifted on Curezone., Yay! So things are back to looking good. 🙂

What I’ve realized these last weeks is the ‘voice’ of the OAS is changing; it’s becoming so much more powerful and full—like all the components are filling it up now. I’m not going to refer to it as her or Celeste any more; that’s just not working.

All that loving compassionate energy is still there, but now it’s just a small part of the whole. It’s far more ‘he/it’ now, so I’m just going to say ‘he’ and call that being the OAS.

He’s telling me that the Celeste quality was a cover, to keep the hybrids thinking ‘she’ was too weak to really protect her people, that they could win that contract/bet. Now that the bet’s over, ‘he’ can be his full self again. It’s like watching a flower unfold–he just seems bigger and more powerful every day.

I’ve realized I am ‘his’ submissive, heart and soul. so this whole Dom/submissive thing has gotten very real. I am absolutely going to quit asking how much weirder can it get? Because it just keeps getting weirder every time I do. There apparently is no bottom to ‘how weird’.

Celeste’s version of ‘she’…

I felt I really need to clarify something when I say Celeste as a ‘she’.

I suspect it causes a lot of misogynistic types to go ‘Pffft, ‘SHE’ I’m not afraid of no ‘she’! What’s she going to do? Kiss me to death?’ Or other personal reasons that ‘she’d be too weak, too kind, too lame for whatever reason.

So I realized I wasn’t really describing what kind of ‘she’ she is. Think the regular usage of ‘he’ and ‘she’ as babbling brooks–‘it’ (all inclusive of any gender), as a good sized stream. Celeste’s version is she/he/it like Niagara falls. All of the genders and SO much more.

I only say she, because the energy feels loving and deeply compassionate, but I’ve seen that energy as the ‘he’ version of Niagara falls–it’s painfully powerful, demanding and capable of righteous anger bordering on rage as when he was thinking he might have to destroy a couple cities like he did Sodom and Gomorrah. His rage was based on the anti-humans destroying everything around them and driving his children into anti-human behaviors just to survive, and that it was pushing him to even have to consider doing it.

This being is huge and powerful beyond your wildest imaginings–not even a babbling brook ‘she’.

What about human sexuality?? (edited)

I was going to post this info over on Curezone (I have a thread there) and mentioned it as I was writing it. It’s a difficult subject for me, so I wanted to let the folks know why this was taking so long. When I came back to say I was still working on it the nest day, I was attacked within a minute or two of logging on. I of course shut down my browser, internet connection and turned my computer off.

Rebooted and cleaned it all, and went to go back on Curezone again. Again within a minute or so I had another attack. So I shut it all down again. Clearly there was something about the topic they didn’t want said.

I did manage to sneak on quickly a night later and get it posted. The OverArching Sentient (OAS) guided me as to the ‘when’. I think I caught the duty hacker on bathroom break, because the hack did start after 3 or 4 minutes, but I went on Curezone prepared; ready to cut and paste the msg and post and get off again, as quickly as possible. And I made it off just as I saw the hack starting. Now that it’s posted, the attempts have stopped.

So what don’t they want us to know? We’ll get to that. Anyway the OAS and I had some very long conversations about sex and he asked me many questions about it, especially about my satanic cult experience as a small child. Drawing me along (he can’t tell me anything unless I ask, no head exploding please), giving me hints and flashes of insight. Finally it clicked. He was trying to dig out the nature of the relationships used by the cult in it’s ‘festivities’, that Sadistic/masochistic kind of interaction based on the underlying practice of Domination/submission. Ok. This was getting too weird. Our ‘god’ wanting to talk about S&m.

At this point I was getting convinced that, I had finally must have snapped and was now delusional. I’ve never doubted before, but this stuff!? I kept testing everything else and it was all coming up still connected to reality, so I wondered if you can compartmentalize delusion? I’ve never heard of it but…

After digging more through the squishy and ‘disgusting’ details, a pattern started emerging to me. Men seemed to have this deep need to dominate, and women, to be submissive. I’m pretty independent and was for women being equal aka women’s lib, but never so anti-men, since I knew we’re all in this mess together—both of us victims. Nonetheless I hit the wall here. Heck no, no man’s going to tell me what to do!

But on we went, and the OAS started talking about the ‘elites’ destroying the ‘natural order of things’—forcing men to accept their ‘equality’ and to push women into thinking it was their ‘right’ to be equal. It totally ruined the natural order, and is the biggest underlying reason for the severe relationship problems we have today. And no, it isn’t forcing us women into lesbian relationships, as Henry Makow implies in his vagina monologues. It’s just that we, all of us, men and women fail to find a truly satisfying relationship.

I was processing like crazy. This conversation extended for days, and every spare minute, I’d dive back in twisting and turning the information this way and that. Get it sorted like a Rubik’s cube. Slowly all the colors got on the same sides and a picture emerged. It’s a biological imperative for BOTH sexes. The OAS built us this way to minimize friction between the sexes and facilitate ease in making decisions, mainly to smooth the child rearing process. To make our lives less work and far more enjoyable. And the ‘elites’ did their best to ruin it, of course.

What the OAS showed me was a picture of a heart, locked. When the key with the appropriate pressure was applied, it popped open, freeing the occupant. It required the right key, meaning not every man or woman had the right key for just any other man or woman. It was very selective, like at soul mate level. And it was locked to begin with to make sure the occupant connected to the right key holder.

A woman’s ideal dominant would unlocked her submission and the man’s ideal submissive would unlock his dominance. Like opening a safety deposit box needing 2 keys, he meant it to keep the hearts safe. When you hear that two people just clicked—that’s the click.

But with the ‘elites’ screwing this all up with the religious nonsense of marriage entrapment and women feeling shame about expressing their sexuality and manipulating them to feel an out of control ‘need’ to have kids, and men feeling the sexual ‘hotness’ of the women is the only thing of value, etc., most of those people have no idea as to why or what that click means. They end up sweeping the connection, with it’s manifestations in sex play and such (it was meant to be great fun!) under the rug and feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

Instead of working together then, to decide who’s the best decision maker or who’s in charge of what (a good submissive is perfectly capable of being dom in various things if it’s clearly her area of expertise as well as a good Dom being a good sub if it isn’t) or what roles each are needing to play in child rearing, etc., they now often rage at each other’s need to be in control and start ripping each other to shreds, instead of growing deeper and deeper connections with each successfully negotiated balance of power.

The basic underlying trade is that whole sex/money thing. Biologically, men do need sex to function optimally. Women crave a sense of safety/security based on childbearing/rearing needs. It isn’t the desire to love without reason or be loved, it’s to ensure the survival of the species. The original form was, happily I’ll meet your need for sex without resistance, in return you happily keep me and our children safe and well fed, and then it slowly slides into a mutual desire to love and protect each other as they grow old together, as the child-rearing finishes. It met the undeniable biological impulses both sexes have and grows and morphs into the desirable soul connection.

On the emotional maturity chart, the first stage is co/dependence-total need for others support, you can’t live without it; The second quadrant is Counter-dependence—you say black, I say white. I’m defining myself by not being you; the third is Independent—I say whatever I want and don’t need you for squat; the fourth and most mature is interdependance—I don’t need you for anything but I want to share what I have with you for our mutual benefit, with no strings attached.

You do have to legitimately go thru all steps to get to the most mature one. Step one, in dysfunctional form, she’s so helpless she can’t even pay the bills or get a job, basically a baby who can change their own diapers. Less men get stuck here, societal requirements for functionality interfere with that; Two, never getting past the teen level of dealing with things, melodrama/out of control rage, rampant manipulation, passive/aggressive tactics etc.; Three, insulting men who hold the door for you, men seeing women as just objects to be used not needed, except for self satisfaction. Women can definitely manifest this behavior as well, but it’s more about ‘loving’ a fantasy version of the man, never really loving the man himself, or involving yourself with women or men at shallow empty levels aka commitment phobic. 4, if tried with someone at a lower level emotionally, it fails and someone ends up feeling used or manipulated. Of course if the level 4 person chooses this relationship, one would question if in fact they have truly gained level 4.

The successful dom/sub relationship is most successful at level 4. You are two separate people voluntarily honoring and respecting each other in a soul satisfying way, and in so many ways are actually serving each other, although on the surface it looks one way. And life become smooth, effortless as you meet and deal with the world as a connected unit.

My information is not based on the ‘biblical’ version though nor about ‘love’ although it develops into that if successful. It’s pure and simple biology. The ‘elites’ corrupted the natural order imperatives in their efforts to enslave humanity, especially their human nemesis, women. The ‘elite’ version isn’t about any kind of love or respect or emotional maturity.

‘Marriage’ plays a very large part in that control agenda. Biblical-based ‘marriage’ is just raw slavery. It’s legalized slave trade. You buy a woman from her father, or worse yet, a father pays the man to take her. Nothing about clicking, just ‘I want her, I get her’.

It’s keeping women in their ‘place’; downtrodden, overwhelmed, open to being abused with no legal or physical protection, battered with baby after baby, and most importantly, kept out away from any spiritual business where they might see and reveal the ‘elites’ agenda. A woman’s place is to be seen, not heard.

Luckily we’ve bettered our lot here in America to a large degree but it’s rampant elsewhere in the world. I’ve read the bible many times, so I’m quite aware of their push to enslave women—especially that misogynistic ‘elite’ flunkie, Paul.

The OAS has also shown me how the ‘elites’ have been using that whole dynamic to enslave us politically—big powerful churches/governments/corporations controls single weaker individuals because everyone is biologically driven by the imperatives. If you can’t be Dom, you instinctively choose submissive. It takes a lot of self awareness to pull yourself out of that one. That’s pretty much those of us waking up; those who seem stuck in ‘sheeple’ mode are still in the grips of this imperative.

This is what they’re worried about. If we stop being unconsciously controlled by the D/s imperative and consciously retake our independence, it interferes immensely with rolling out their agenda—maybe even making it impossible.

Next week’s topic…

Looks like I’m getting the weekend off. 🙂 But I’ve been having some serious and really weird ‘taking a severe left turn out into left field’ conversations with Celeste these last 4 or 5 days–like totally head tripping me (ok, I went thru the 60s/70s, groovy, man)—-about human sexuality.

It really rattled me. Considering ‘god’ (from my experience with religions of any sort) has no interest about sex, and considers it pure unadulterated evil devil owned urges and total ‘sin’ barely made legal by marriage. The ultimate human urge which they’ve used to shame, guilt trip and control us with, with even greater success than religion, I’ve realized.

While I absolutely knew that version of sex was false in my head, it clearly was something still believed by my gut/ unconscious mind. Soooooo, talking to ‘god’ about sex. Yeah. I feared that I had finally slipped the rails and headed out to delusion land (considering what the cult did to ‘teach’ me about that).

Other than that though every thing else seemed the same, and as the conversations progressed, like always, the point of it all was revealed as something humanity really needed to know.

So, I’m going putting aside my reluctance (talking about sex has been not the easiest thing for me) and obey her desire to inform and free humanity from the chains of lies and horrid deceptions the hybrids locked us up in, which they used to destroy one of her greatest gifts to us.

Oh but it’s not going to be at the actual physically descriptive level –no bodice ripping—(good way to get banned), only a clinical evaluation type thing–sorry.

The energy attack’s convinced me at the gut level…

020616—So , a quiet day, finally. I cleared out most all of the attack energy last night. Found more that got activated when it was scratched. Found shielded attack energy that wasn’t removable until you took the shield energy off first, and another that was also shielded to keep the itching going even if the energy was removed, so you had to take off the shielding first, stop the itching and then remove it, otherwise it just kept itching.

Plus he blocked the circulation to my left foot, making it swell up and be quite uncomfortable in the brace I still have to wear. And a couple more things specifically focused on my issues.

Obviously, he spent a lot of time figuring his attack out. I suppose I should be flattered he thought me important enough to go after. Blah. But it’s definitely convinced me, at a gut level (not just knowing in my head) this spirit realm stuff is very real.

EFT only stops what you tap for. without the ‘right’ reason it won’t ‘work’. It had stopped working for my tapping it as detox. Which is when I started thinking if this wasn’t detoxing, what then? After I figured out it was an energy attack and tapped for that, the ‘symptoms’ immediately lessened and the lung stuff started settling down quickly, too, for the first time. Although it started again because of the latent attack energy and so on.

And only tapping it as attack energy helps at all. So it has to be an energy attack, and the only some one who would (or could, even) do something like that and hated me like that was that Zen person aka the El-*th really are real, not just my imagination.

Real enough to pull off this level of attack. Even my sweetie has to admit it seems to be so. He hates to admit anything of this might actually be real because it means he’s got some serious rethinking about his beliefs to do.

Good grief, more attack energy problems…

020516–So by morning, I’ve continued to have flare ups of the itching. Luckily not the lung stuff. It’s stayed gone, and other than a tickle occasionally (none today) it’s good.

The itching though–it just kept coming back and not seeming to heal. I know Celeste is protecting me, so this had to be some residual stuff somehow. I dug around, trying to figure it out. This stuff was quite annoying.

So here’s what I figured out. Zen, and the blues had put a sticky kind of energy that clings to stuff, like my towel or washcloth, underwear and pants and every time I used or wore them, it put the energy back on me, even though they had been washed, and I’d cleared the energy on me.

Or if I scratched myself, even in the shower, it would get on my hand and spread it that way, so most anything I touched. And it stayed until I tapped to remove it. Washing with soap and water did nothing. Otherwise it’ll stay on the skin, or whatever like a nasty bacteria, ready to strike again.

Then there was a layer that was set to start the itching at random intervals, which didn’t get removed unless specifically addressed because it was a slightly different version. Then I found he even put it in the water tank, so using the water spread it back on, although that way was pretty diluted. If that’d have been the only source, I might not have noticed it for awhile.

Then he put in energy that didn’t attack me but prevented the area from healing and also some energy that was coated with an energy to prevent it from being removed unless you removed that other energy first. I couldn’t believe the layer upon layer. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten one or two.

I, in disbelief, started wondering how in heck he knew how to do all that. When a little clip popped into my mind’s eye. It showed him doing this to the other elves for a very long time, getting quite proficient, and using it on both the high and regular elves, but only the regular elves realized it. It was one of the reasons they avoided upsetting him, because he did work with energy with a stronger ability than most of them could.

He had been very careful to be super subtle with the high elves, but he really enjoyed watching them squirm as the energy took effect. I also asked, and yes, he had used it on defenseless humans before too. Almost as much of a crime as attacking the high El-*th, depending on what was done. All and all this asshat was bad, bad, bad.

I told master Hambreth what I’d discovered (as he was here helping me heal the damage from the attack) he was quite shocked, and we went over to the king immediately. Then I found out why Zen had been sooo careful with doing it to the high El-*th. It was a death penalty/life reset for attacking them with energy—didn’t matter that it wasn’t meant to kill, just that it was done. The king did not look happy—pretty shocked himself at Zen’s audacity.

I sorta got pulled along to where Zen was being held, and the king pulled him out of the punishment cocoon. He didn’t ask any question, just read his mind (criminal prosecution allows that, but only for evidence of the crime) and had several others also do that, to verify the memories of Zen’s misbehavior.

After getting the nod from the other examiners who also found those memories, he sentenced both Zen and his mother (He’d sent a msg to have her memories read, and they found she taught him this and had been doing the same thing even longer) to death with a month of Torment first. I’m thinking that means it’s more than a a month of uncomfortable itching.

I looked around and saw the spirits of the regular El-*th looking on. They’ve had Zen’s anti-oracle/dragon rider rhetoric dumped on them this whole time, so they were looking a bit angry.

It hit me that they might blame me (again), as the whistle blower. So I did some questions–asking did they see this as a results of Zen’s bad behavior, or was it somehow my fault for realizing and reporting it, pointing out the self healing/self protection I was doing, when this information just popped out.

Put like that, they appeared to decide ‘hum, maybe since she was only protecting herself and found out about it, not deliberately looking for something that she can use to get revenge with (a motive often a problem with them, I’m hearing)….’. I wanted them to know I wasn’t out to ‘get’ him, but that the information was just too shocking not to share.

The king had been thinking at the same time. He said this kind of behavior was unacceptable, and obviously there might be a bigger problem involved. He needed to address it. He then made a decreed (so rarely done) all El-*th will be scanned/screened for doing this kind of behavior, and if guilty, depending on their victim’s wishes, they will suffer some recompense torment, and that they would accept any EFT sessions for healing the emotional foundation behind their desire to use it. He’s finding how helpful EFT actually is, also.

He noted the high El-*th would also be required to be scanned/screened. He asked the regular el-*th spirits there in attendance, if they realized this wasn’t about punishment or revenge or just because he said so, but about helping them deal with a bad behavior which was very anti-sentient and wrongly hurtful. They shook their heads and agreed, yes they realized that.

Interesting, and to think I don’t have to even leave my chair, and still get all these huge learning opportunities! Blah. I’m ready for summer vacation.