Common sense isn’t…

Common sense is a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things, which is shared by (“common to”) nearly all people and can reasonably be expected of nearly all people without any need for debate’ ‘Wikipedia’

I’m seeing how the ‘elites’ have been talking us out of using common sense–by making us feel we can’t trust it and must depend on their ‘studies’/scientifical ‘proof’ in order to ‘know’ what to believe.

It started way back, but has gotten worse and worse as they got more control of the media. Starting as early as ‘Descartes [and his] criticism of it, and what came to be known as the dispute between “rationalism” and “empiricism”. In the opening line of one his most famous books, Discourse on Method, Descartes established the most common modern meaning, and its controversies, when he stated that everyone has a similar and sufficient amount of common sense (bon sens), but it is rarely used well. Therefore, a skeptical logical method described by Descartes needs to be followed and common sense should not be overly relied upon’. ‘Wikipedia’ Even then, starting the trash talking about it’s reliability and worth. If you have no common sense, needless to say, you’re so easily manipulated because you lack the ability to know things without them telling you what to believe. How is that NOT a win for the ‘elites’ and their tyrants??

I mean, come on–starving yourself for 50 days, drinking turpentine, dosing on Iodine (a bit’s ok, but bunches every day??) using ANIMAL drugs because they’re not so regulated (but still for animals and still DRUGS), taking human drugs which right on the label say they can KILL you, just because somehow, magically having a doctor ‘supervise’ will prevent that??

Those are just some of the most glaring examples of tossing common sense out the window that I’ve encountered on CureZone where it should be about getting healthy, not idiotically doing stuff that your common sense should be screaming at you to stop!

It’s the ‘elites’ dream come true, and proof for their assertion that humans are a bunch of useless eaters, just taking up THEIR valuable resources. They consider humans are so stupid they’ll fall for anything if you just spin it a bit and give them manufactured ‘proof’ of it. They know we won’t ever check the research and then if we do whatever, and it hurts us, we’ll deny it—the research says, after all, ya know. It must just be me…

Of course the ‘elites’ have been dumbing us down, especially since the 70’s–I saw it really kicking in as I was graduating in the early 70’s–the sixtys was more about breaking down the regulation of ‘education like the 3 R’s being required, tossing the controls of what was needed for a solid education out the window. 150 years ago–a lot fewer folks would have bought this pharmaceutical crap, but now we’re so crippled by ‘public’ education, we aren’t able to think, much less think critically. And common sense requires thinking, at the very least.