Yet another attempt to discredit me…

Oh, Mr. Logical has tried yet again to discredit me. I’m pretty sure though, that his ‘reasonable/rational/calm’ demeanor isn’t fooling much of anyone. It doesn’t have any feeling of truth in it. So here’s his post:

“This may be a strange take, but after months of reading its posts, I’m convinced it is exactly what it rants against. I believe its sole purpose on CZ is to discredit CZ and its users. It is trying to make a mockery of CZ. It may very well be one of those “pharma Conspiracy elites” in disguise its always rambling on about. No one else brings up the subject but it. Sort of like the pot calling the kettle black. The pot isn’t just like the kettle in this case… The pot IS the kettle. It doesn’t like curezone and is trying to take it down. This is the most logical conclusion I can come up with.

It has obviously never experienced parasites because it never has experienced any of the symptoms the rest of us have and is often telling people they are making a big deal out of nothing and that other posters don’t really have parasites. Even when they are providing photographic proof!

To quote old Willy, ‘Methinks the lady doth protest too much’… If you look at it from that perspective and then go back and read some of its posts it starts to seem all too likely that its intentions are not good at all. It is evil and devisive. It serves no purpose other than to divide and discredit. The ultimate troll. Ignore all of its posts. Stop referring to it as if its a person. It has no humanity.

Huh… My answer:

“Well ——, as infested with pharmaceutical cartel employees as CureZone is, you’re right. It’s not a healthy place any more. I loved the CureZone 13 years ago.

I’m trying to bring it back. That is sooo evil, I know, actually helping folks get well and not properly paying homage and supporting the cartel by buying all the ‘drugs/supplements’ you guys are hawking here. That’s so horrible of me. How can I sleep at nite?? Bawhahaha!

I’m guessing it’s pretty much the other way around, now that you mention it. How do you sleep at night? Any way, back then CZ had very few of the employees–it really was about educating, NOT medicating. There was NOTHING about using ‘drugs’ safely–everybody then knew there was no such thing.

Other than parazapper, I think, (except an occasional post from a real person which usually gets ignored), the rest are all employees busy making up fake names and ‘diseases’ so that the other employees can ‘recommend’ aka sell more and more supplements/drugs, and also pretend horrid, damaging protocols like turpentine/iodine are real and helpful things.

But those type of things definitely make people sicker in the long run and needing more and more stuff to try and balance out the damage that crap is doing. And why parazapper and I are constantly attacked and said to be one person, even though anybody with a whit of sense can tell we’re not.

If you zap which is a required part of Dr. Clark’s protocol along with the herbs she uses, you’ll only need a couple herbs. Where’s the money in that?? Plus it’ll stop nearly every cartel humongous money making ‘disease’ that they’re robbing us with, like cancer, diabetes, ‘auto’immune diseases, IBS type diseases, and the list goes on and on.

Gee, you don’t think the cartel would invest even a couple hundred thousand bucks in spin control/disease inventing/deniers employees for Dr. Clark’s protocol, since it actually is the most effective method to deal with parasites BECAUSE it uses a ZAPPER? Oh surely not. I can’t imagine them wanting to keep their trillion dollar income stream, can you??

Because those are actually just parasite infestation symptoms and their infections, which doctors have been thoroughly mistrained (and untrained) to not recognize. Of course, there comes a point where the parasite’s infection, if left unaddressed will kill you as in the case of the ‘cancer’ fungus. And becoming well has motivated me to be here—at 60, not being well is almost a guarantee if you haven’t successfully addressed the parasite issue, as I did.

Whereas most of the employees here are probably young enough, they don’t actually have those problems yet, and are just looking up ‘disease’ symptoms and posting them to give the other employees a chance to make their sales pitch. They rarely know the details of their ‘problem’ other than what they first posted.

And, yes, I’m attempting to destroy that false ‘drug/supplement hawking’ norm. Since nearly every single ‘regular’ poster is an employee, it takes a LOT of addressing. Hardly too much. I’m not even addressing a lot of the other ‘issues’, just parasites.”

He obviously was working on that for a while. It’s surprising to me he persists. He’s one of the posters I see being coerced into posting. I guess the boss lady musta fired off an email. reminding of his ‘obligation’ before they arrested her.

So things ought to start slowing down more. I’m learning she was rehiring for those employees that ‘disappeared’. And so now, her bosses are not around to rehire her position.